Dominic Carubba

We Elevate Salesforce Users to SuperUsers.

We strive to lower your support costs and increase operational efficiency without spending a dime.

Lower Support Costs

SuperUsers don't charge $200 an hour to provide dedicated support for Your Salesforce users; They are already on YOUR payroll.

Engage Your Users

SuperUsers know your People, Processes, and the Right Results that matter most to You,

Your staff, and YOUR Customers.

Improve Operational Efficiency

SuperUsers don't inflate your support invoices by spending time learning your business; They already know YOUR business from the inside.

Empower Your Leaders

SuperUsers empower leaders to create a culture of collaboration, innovation, and productivity with Actionable Insights from YOUR Salesforce.

Shelly Golden

SuperUser Academy Student

I was "volun-told" to handle all things Salesforce but felt like a failure because I struggled to find answers that actually worked.

I now feel like a SuperHERO because I learned how to apply the training to OUR Salesforce and solve OUR problems.

What You Will Get During Our

Elevation Strategy Call

Let's share screens and discover what would happen if you chose to elevate the Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge of your operations team and empower them to leverage the most powerful CRM on the planet to produce business results, faster, with less stress for YOUR Business by leveraging YOUR Salesforce.

The Best companies choose Salesforce because they believe that selecting the best tools for their business is the only way to be the best in their market.

The problem with Salesforce is that it takes a massive amount of time, energy, and resources to become the "resident expert" on your own. Taking classes, Completing Trails, or internet searches alone just don't cut it; You need to invest in support.

Your Initial Investment with Salesforce was worth every penny because it was the best way to get started using Salesforce. Now that you're up and running, it's time to invest in elevating users and lowering ongoing support and maintenance expenses.

Is Elevation a better investment? YES, because no one knows your business better than those that work for your business. Imagine what would happen if your staff knew Salesforce as well as they know their job; What could you accomplish?

Get Ready to Elevate your users to SuperUsers. By the end of our short call you will know if it makes sense to shift from being dependent to self-sufficient. Take control of support costs, engagement, and empower your leaders to grow to your full potential.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Ask your bookkeeper for a report that shows how much money you spent on Salesforce Service and Support in the last 12 months.

What Happens During the Call

Discover how to Elevate your Users to SuperUsers and impact your bottom line now and in the future; Become Self-Sufficient at using Salesforce to its full potential.

What Changes After the Call

You will see the benefit of Elevating your users by investing in the right Salesforce Training for long-term success, whether you decide on our programs, or not.

About Dominic

Dominic is a salesperson, entrepreneur, and professional technology trainer with over three decades experience integrating Sales and Technology for greater sales results.

Dominic knows how to translate your business needs into actionable insights that leverage your sales tools to produce maximum results that you can be proud of.

Elevate your A.S.K. on our

Strategy Call

Imagine having a breakthrough in your business when you decide to invest just 30 minutes to discover if you are ready to Elevate your Users with the right Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge they need to become Your Salesforce SupeUsers.

amanda V.

SuperUser Academy Student

I took the Admin Essentials class from Dominic and walked away with not only a greater understanding of Salesforce, but the ability to teach others on my team how to use Salesforce. Dominic has a way of explaining concepts, with real world examples that really helped me gel my understanding of the material. As someone brand new to Salesforce, it was invaluable resource for my learning.

patrick M.

Dominic Carruba Coaching Client/Academy Student

Dominic has helped me to become a Salesforce SuperUser through coaching and mentoring. His Platform App Builder training definitely helped me to pass the Platform App Builder exam. But the biggest help has been that Dominic always makes himself available to answer questions when I run into challenges with Salesforce. I would say that with Dominics support, teaching and guidance, he has helped me to become a Salesforce Super Hero!

juliA S.

SuperUser Academy Student

I highly recommend Dominic for any Salesforce training needs. I participated in a learning cohort hosted by Dominic where he trained us on the administrative basics of the Salesforce platform so we could prepare for our admin certifications. We had a very fun course and I felt prepared to take my exam in a short time. I am now a Salesforce Certified Admin thanks to the tremendous education Dominic provided. I look forward to continuing to work together.

What Are You Waiting For?

Improve YOUR Salesforce and Elevate YOUR SuperUsers!